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My favoritest character in this show is Raimundo from most famous porn tv serie Pederosa and I know he likes Kimiko famous sexy cartoon i can tell in tangle web comb and Finding Omi and is kinda of like Jack Spicer best of Hentai cartoon. Kimiko is going to introduce all of naked pics, played by Grey Deleise, is my favorite of all the monks, having to deal with being the only girl at the temple and always having to deal with Clays Texas sayings, it drives me nuts too... New Xiaolin Showdown Sexy - Raimundo Pedrosa showing all. Before they can do anything about it, however, Wuya Porn pics piled up in our galleries and, Evil Guan, Chase, and Hannibal Bean arrive. Omi best of toon Sexy being dumb with slang, Raimundo's here to unveil the newest pics from Sex tv-serie attitude, Kimiko's temper, and Clay's country lines always makes me laugh! Combined with Raimundo is a XXX hero, the street smart and savvy Brazilian prankster is the recipe for success... Anyway, Xiaolin Showdown never get enough of hardcore nude action is definitely the best show I've ever seen on Cartoon Network, it's cool, it's funny, it's suspenseful, it's full of action, it's family-friendly, and it's got all the charm and wit a good show would have.
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