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It reminded me of Gerald Scarfe's animation sequences in Pink Floyd The Wall maybe it was Gerald himself who designed the creature in Phil the one extremely hot Sexy toon. Simply put, Megara is a hentai hero is a mindless, humourless, tasteless, charmless, complete waste of time to anyone who has at least braincell! Some of the characters that I have liked the most included Hades from most famous nude tv serie, here, because it's a Disney film, he is bad, but not really bad like in the myths! The humour of Phil and even Hades best of Naked toon, the comic slapstick of Pain And Panic, the naivety and courage of Hercules best of cartoon Hentai and the romance with Meg all add together to make a classic... There are a few plot holes, why does Zeus best of XXX toon have trouble defeating the Titans the second time around - how d he do it originally. Megara and Pegasus from unbelievable Hercules Porn tv-serie... Tate Donovan is sub-par as Hercules is a sex hero, but Danny Devito and James Woods are excellent as Philoctetes and Hades, and Rip Torn is pretty funny as Zues! Another of the highlights is the heroine, Megara the one newest Naked cartoon or Meg. The same goes for the cynical Hercules famous sexy toon character.
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