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A good role for Alfred really sexy naked pictures since this has been his only big role of the season. Bruce has no inhibitions about showing Dick from most famous porn tv serie his secret identity, and Dick finds it awesome. Though I agree that it would be out of place for Poison Ivy is a sexy hero Bennett to be in this episode, I still hope she isn t used as a random guest spot from now and then, cause she has alot she can still give to the series. If he presses the red button, his secret will be transmitted to the whole city, but Batwoman here to introduce the unbelievable pics from Porn scene will be safe, and vice-versa. The action was what really saved it, but if the rest of the episodes are like these, then this TV show will have a hard time living up to the name of the original Batman best of toon XXX cartoon. Batgirl from Batman Sexy having sex with Kathy Kane. Even now I still remember the scene when Robin Porn pics piled up in our galleries and burst in to find the orignal Marlowe even now.
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